DMI BookReview News


Dave Siedzik, Director of Digital Experiences, published a book review in the Design Management Institute’s quarterly journal, dmi:Review. In his article, Dave accessed the content of Raymond Turner’s book, Design Leadership: Securing the Strategic Value of Design. Dave argues that Turner’s insight in Design Leadership is “inspiring and grounding,” providing organizational leaders with an effective guide through the entire process of design by using real-world case studies from Turner’s extensive experience.

Here’s an excerpt of the review:

TO HEAR RAYMOND TURNER tell it, we design leaders have an awful lot on our plates. Not only do we frequently find ourselves as the sole interpreters between disciplines that rarely communicate if we are not involved, but we also manage budgets that can be “the largest single sum that the board of most companies knows the least about.” But our work has the unique power to cut vertically across executive strategy, management, and delivery “to provide a clear, practical link between the strategic discussions of the boardroom and the daily activities of business.” And that thought drives Turner’s insightful, provocative, and practical book on design leadership.

Read David’s Review here.

David Siedzik (2013). Book Noted. Design Management Review (Vol.24 No.4) Understanding the Changing Value & Role of Design in Organizations. p47