Following the “It” convention of the NE IDSA conference, we move to some of the trends from NYCxDesign week 2014. To echo our observations from last year the underlying trend was simplicity, the less is more mantra is still holding strong in 2014.


NYCx Design



Stain it.

The broad use of colored stains on wood furniture was a pleasant surprise this year; the satin to matte finish quality with the underlying texture of the wood grain worked very well on many pieces. The stand out use of this finishing technique was on the furniture Muuto who has a great line of new products this year.

NYCx Design



Slice it.

Not entirely new, but the diagonal geometry trend is holding strong: Bold and accented lines and intersections; a visual disruption to classic lines. The furniture of Asher Isrealow with intricate brass inlays was skillfully executed, leading into our next trend.

NYCx Design



Bronze it.

The use of warm metallics; bronze, gold, copper finishes has exploded across the furniture and lighting scene. This is a trend we have been following for the past few years and it was fully embraced by designers like Tom Dixon who’s booth was a beacon for all things bling.

NYCx Design



Light it.

The advances and availability of LED’s for commercial lighting applications as sparked a huge push toward creative lighting solutions. The LEDs are so small that they can fit into anything making it possible to turn any object big or small into a light source for the home or office.

NYCx Design



Print it.

The last of the trends I wanted to share this year was the 3D print aesthetic, these cellular structures, repeating patterns, and natural formations can be related to the 3D prototyping processes that are allowing designers to push the limits of forms and materials. A great looking and smelling piece with this influence was the compressed coffee grounds table created by Amma Studio creates pieces with various reclaimed materials that celebrate this layered 3D print aesthetic.

Overall there was lots to be inspired by at ICFF and NYCxDesign week this year and we look forward to what the designers of the world bring to the show in 2015!