The Holidays are officially underway. And while the true spirit of the season isn't about gift giving, we'd be lying if we said we haven't been dreaming about Santa leaving a little something extra for us under the tree. We asked a few people in our design firm to tell us what products they’ve been eyeing. Take a look at our recommendations and see why they made the list.



The Frame TV

The Frame TV is so cool! It is a fantastic solution to the challenge of how to integrate a TV into a living space and not dominate the feel of the room. You can select the style of the frame, and customize the art feed as well. - Margaret Jacobi, Principal Designer



BioLite CampStove 2

A camping stove that uses an alternative fuel source that you can find anywhere and that also charges my phone? Count me in. The CampStove 2 uses biomass (sticks, pine-cones, etc.) combined with controlled airflow to offer an efficient means of cooking dinner or heating water while out hiking or backpacking - pretty cool stuff. The stove is also packaged nicely and offers some useful accessories to bring everything together. - Peter McNulty, Engineer



CMYK Gradient Puzzle

During the Boston winters, a jigsaw puzzle is a must-have for cozy winter evenings. This one is at the top of my list! Each piece of this puzzle is it's own unique color, making it a true puzzle challenge while also sharpening your color theory skills :) Lauren Lu, Designer



IKEA Delaktig Modular Sofa

This hackable furniture platform from IKEA and Tom Dixon is an absolute dream. I live in Boston's historic North End, and while my retro and cozy apartment is characteristic of the neighborhood’s old-school charm (read: old and small), it leaves little room for actual living. I love how the modular pieces of Delaktig can be arranged and rearranged as needed. And to top it off, they open-sourced the design to graduate students from across the world. Good stuff. - Leahanna Savain, Marketing Specialist



HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit

It's a great "toy" for work and play. For work, you can view design concepts in "real" space rather than just on your screen. For play, there's a plethora of VR games ranging from very fun puzzles to very weird adventure games to very cool simulators. - Andres Chamorro, Engineer  



Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Headphones

My current headphones are so worn down since I use them every day during my commute.  I picked these based on the way they look - simple, elegant, beautiful. Bang & Olufsen is known for their craftsmanship and great sound, and these headphones definitely deliver. Since they are wireless, comfortable and have long battery life, I know they'll hold up during my commute to and from work. - Tammy Newman, Business Manager



Commuter Daypack City

I saw it in the waiting line at border control. The guy in front of me was wearing one, so I had about an hour to study it while waiting. It's obviously practical and durable with the black rubber stuff at the bottom, but it's also weirdly stylish. I guess it's appeal lies in its unassuming utility that when worn in an urban setting makes a kind of rugged mountain-man statement, much like that of the Mercedes G-Class or Land Rover Discovery, a rejection of consumerist design through the reduction of a product to bare utility. - Ashley Legg, Senior Designer



Twist Shelf

I love this shelf because it's sculptural but also functional for any room in your home. Rather than a clunky piece of furniture at your entryway, this shelf is a great spot to rest your belongings and to hang your house keys as you walk in. The shelf twists 90-degrees, resting against the wall to become a magnetic strip for hanging items. - Corey Dinopoulos, Senior Designer



Bombas Socks

Bombas Sock Company is a socially conscious company that donates one pair of socks for every pair that you buy because "socks are the #1 most requested clothing item at homeless shelters". They have athletic socks, dress socks, no show socks, ski/snowboard socks, etc. It sounds funny to be so excited about socks, but a good pair makes all the difference. - Koreen Shoham, Graduate Intern, Engineering





I went to an exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art when I was in grad school that brought together the paintings of two of my favorite artists – Henri Matisse and Richard Diebenkorn – in one exhibit. The show was excellent and highlighted similarities between the two artists’ styles. I didn’t buy the exhibit book then, but I wish I did. Plus the description includes the phrase “sumptuously illustrated” – what’s not to love about that? - Caroline Turnbull Doran, Researcher



NIKE Blazer Mid Sneakers

I've wanted a pair of these since I was 10 and have never gotten them. Classic design that goes all the way back to Nike's start in basketball. - David Knies, Chief Growth Officer



Carbon Fiber Full Suspension Penny Farthing

The combination of old school and new school is AMAZING! I've been cycling competitively for years, and while I've seen and ridden a number of different bikes, this concept is definitely unique but could make for a fun ride! Now, if we could only make it real... - Kurt Maw, Principal Engineer