Looking through the lens of design, business, and innovation, the stories below explore key issues at the center of the Black Lives Matter movement, while also recognizing the unique intersectionality of Black and LGBTQ+ communities.

I hope you'll learn more, get inspired, and be moved to take action.

Information design and story-telling can be powerful tools for breaking down complex issues.(Source: The Trevor Project)

Understanding the Context of Today

  • [Interactive] Mapping Police Violence Across the USA | Amnesty International
  • [Video] "13th" documentary by Ava DuVernay | Watch free from Netflix on YouTube
  • [interactive] How Public Opinion Has Moved on Black Lives Matter | NY Times
  • [Interactive] Juneteenth: An Inflection Point in the Struggle for Freedom | Tableau 
  • Inclusion by Design: Insights From Design Week Portland | Gensler
  • Why LGBTQ Pride Festivals Are Becoming Black Lives Matter Protests | AdWeek
  • Resources for QPOC, LGBTQ+ Youth, Parents + Community | COOL HUNTING



Vast evidence points to the value of diversity in business and innovation. Companies are responding as their customers and employees take note. (Source: Adobe Stock)

Making the Business Case for Diversity

  • The Business Case for Diversity in the Workplace is Now Overwhelming | World Economic Forum
  • Better Products, Stronger Teams: Why Diversity and Inclusion Took Center Stage at Adobe Design Summit | Adobe Blog 
  • Why the ‘Business Case’ for Diversity Isn’t Working | Fast Company
  • Diversity Boosts Profits in Venture Capital Firms | Harvard Business School
  • Introducing the First-ever List of LGBTQ Women and Nonbinary Innovators in Business and Tech | FastCompany
  • Corporate Donations Tracker: Here Are the Companies Giving Millions to Anti-racism Efforts | Forbes



"Hey Siri, do all lives matter?" Companies like Apple and Uber are harnessing the power of technology to address issues of discrimination, bias, and inequity. (Source: Business Insider) 

Enabling Equity Through Tech

  • LGBT+ Dating Apps Ditch Ethnicity Filters to Fight Racism Amid U.S. Protests | Reuters 
  • Apple and Google Have Trained Their Virtual Assistants to Rebut 'All Lives Matter' | Business Insider 
  • Contact Tracing Technology Must Protect People From Discrimination as Well as Disease | STAT News
  • How Technology Can Reduce Isolation for LGBTQ Elders | Washington Blade
  • Technology Can Make Business Trips Safer - Particularly for Women and LGBTQ Travelers | PhocusWire



Designing for diversity necessitates purposeful approaches to how we design and who we design for. (Source: Shopify UX)

Designing for Diversity & Inclusion

  • Designing for Diversity | Design Council
  • The Complete Guide to Cross-cultural Design | Toptal
  • How to Begin Designing for Diversity | The Creative Independent
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Design | Veryday 
  • Embracing Diversity: The 7 Principles of Inclusive Design | Wix Creative
  • Designing the Block: How UX can improve underserved communities | UXMag
  • You Can’t Just Draw Purple People and Call it Diversity | Shopify UX



Timothy Bardlavens is product design manager at Facebook. How can we bring diversity into the workplace and onto our teams? (Source: Adobe XD)

Building an Equitable Workplace



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