Here are 11 items plucked straight from the wishlists of the designers, researchers, and engineers on our team.


Self-Watering Pots

“Frequent overnight trips to the field for research means that my abandoned indoor plants suffer from desert-like conditions! These terra cotta planters solve an unmet need of keeping those plants green when I’m away while also being beautiful for when I’m home -- a perfect combination. 

--Caroline Turnbull Doran, Design Researcher


Formlabs 3D Printer: Form 3  

“The latest generation of Formlabs printer, the Form 3, looks like the best one yet. The Form 2 came out in 2015. The Form 3 was announced this year. Compared to the Form 2, the Form 3 uses a more reliable printing methodology that Formlabs calls “low-force stereolithography.” The main benefits are a finer, part surface finish, support structures that are easier to remove, and overall improved printing reliability. It’s exciting to see improvements being made to a product that is already such an invaluable tool to our industry.

--Dennis Rogers, Engineer


Sheertex Tights

“These seemingly unbreakable tights change the game of tight-wearing from a rather disposable clothing item to a wardrobe essential. I want to be able to wear them without worrying about tears or having to replace them after a few wears.”

--Annie Beier, Design Researcher


Cordless Hammer Drill

“This is a really small package drill, with different battery capacity sizes that give it extended life, and also allows it to fit nicely into the hand (and small spaces). The addition of the hammer drill feature, high-power density, lithium-ion battery packs, and small chuck that receives 1/2” bits make it very versatile for home use.”

--Jonathan Wenderoth, Senior Engineer



I don’t drink enough water, but I think I’ve found a solution. memobottle™ is a clever, flat water bottle designed to resemble a sheet of paper. Its delicate, slim, and innovative profile is convenient to carry and beautiful to look at. Because it’s “designed to fit where other bottles don’t”, I see myself carrying it around more than I would other drinking vessels. I appreciate the wit in the product names (all based on international paper sizes like “A5”) and the company's values of sustainability and access to clean water. I think 2020 will be my year of hydration.

--Leahanna Savain, Marketing Specialist


Schott’s Original Miscellany

“Ben Schott has crafted the most unique reference book – a curated assortment of random, interesting, and bizarre facts. A designer and photographer by trade, he cleverly presents information through the simple yet creative use of typeface, diagrams, and graphics. I like to open the book to a random page and learn something new each time- sometimes it’s useful, sometimes it makes me smile, other times it will spark my curiosity to learn more and it could trigger my creative thinking!”

--Rémy Baudet, Practice Lead, Software Architecture


LLBean Snowboots

“Having just moved to Boston from California (and as previous New Englanders,) we know that the snow is coming, and we are so excited. But in order to enjoy winter, we need to be able to embrace it, and that means warm, wonderful snow boots. I love LLBean as a brand, mostly because of their customer service (it sets the bar,) and also for their robust, high-quality design. I look forward to lots of work and play this winter. Let it snow!”

--Brian Mason, Practice Lead, Consumer Healthcare 


AWAY Carry-On with Pocket

“The Away Carry-On with Pocket Bag fits in an overhead bin and includes an ejectable battery to charge your phone, combination lock, interior compression system, 360-degree rotating wheels, and an upgraded, easy-access, zippered front pocket that is ideal for stashing an extra layer, travel documents, or a book. With options for customization, it’s equally useful as it is personal. Every traveler needs this!”

--Katja Lierhaus, Engineer



Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT

“This shoe was designed to help Nike runners break the two-hour marathon time barrier. I’m running the Boston Marathon for my 4th time in April 2020, with a goal of breaking the four-hour barrier. My previous PR in Boston is 4:23, meaning I’ll need to run each mile one minute faster - so I’m looking for anything that can give me an edge!”

--David Knies, Chief Growth Officer


Orvis Waterproof Sling Pack

“I’m angling for some Orvis fly-fishing gear. I’m particularly interested in some of their tackle bags and vests. I like this one as it’s a modern take on a traditional bag: performance materials, contemporary design, and a deep understanding of the specific functional needs of the sport. Plus, after I don’t catch any fish, I could use it along with my work gear on the commuter rail.

--Evan Hutker, Senior Designer


Hydrow (at home rowing machine)

 “Granted we’re a bit biased, but we think the design and usability of Hydrow makes it a perfect choice for in-home fitness. I’m adding this as my big wish list item for an at-home, full-body workout experience. The best part is, even if I never use it, I know it will look beautiful in my home.”

--Taehak Kwon, Industrial Designer