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Stats of the Week  (via Stylus)

72% of Brits consider print magazines the most reputable news source.

67% of millennials research online first, and buy in-store later. 

73% of US customers follow omnichannel – rather than purely digital – purchase journeys.



  • Design legend Dieter Rams designed one of Gillette's best-known razors | Arun
  • Design Thinking is fundamentally conservative. This can hinder innovation | HBR
  • The future of UX research is fully automated, and that's a problem | UserFocus
  • John Maeda's annual Design in Tech report | Design In Tech
  • Exclusive: A first look into Google's top-secret design lab | FastCompany

Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • How robotics is changing the face of medicine | CB Insights
  • AI is changing how doctors diagnose patients | JWT Intelligence
  • The big problem with sleep tech: we don't understand the science | ReadWrite

Sports, Fitness, & Wellness

  • BRRRN's new cold temperature workout | New York Times
  • The newest high-tech helping athletes hack their training | WSJ
  • The future of fitness is connected but alone | The Verge
  • Tom Brady outlines the TB12 philosophy and business model | Men's Health


  • Adobe's sophisticated UX research uncovers cutting-edge features | FastCompany
  • Do you know what Edge Computing is? Here's a breakdown | CBInsights 
  • Mary Meeker's annual Internet Trends Report was delivered this summer | Recode

Work & Workplaces

  • The strangest and most alarming things buried in WeWork's IPO filing | CNBC
  • Here's what those charging lockers are doing with your personal info | OneZero
  • 3 years of misery inside of "Silicon Valley's Happiest Company" - Google | Wired
  • The 101 People, Ideas and Things changing the way we work today | BBC
  • The 50 Best Workplaces for Innovators | FastCompany

Mobility & Transportation

  • Half of all cars sold in Norway last year were electric | Quartz
  • Why Norway is leading the electric car revolution | Fortune
  • Electric scooter culture must change | OneZero
  • Amazon's home delivery robot - Scout - is in testing in Irvine, CA | CNET

Amazon / Retail

  • The Amazon Dilemma: How a retail powerhouse lets us down | Recode
  • The Amazon Marketplace is a brutal, lawless world where success and failure are often completely out of a seller's hands and in the hands of Amazon | The Verge
  • Do you know what a "Retail Price Vocabulary" is? | HBR


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