Research Journey

February 6, 2014

Three months ago, as a recent graduate with a degree in human-centered design and a passion for a career in research, I started an adventure with the Essential Design family. Here is a condensed list of necessary tactics that I have learned.


Using Reference Points to Understand Rituals

January 9, 2014

As a human being that happens to be a design researcher, I have to acknowledge that I may introduce my own biases to round out participants’ experience stories.


Essential Visits MIT D-Lab

November 27, 2013

Essential Co-Founder and Partner, Scott Stropkay and I (a design researcher at Essential), spoke with unique group of students at MIT’s D-Lab… Scott and I were asked to speak about the role of design research in the product development process and how it could be leveraged within the context of D-Lab’s mission.


College ThinkTank Boston

November 25, 2013

College Thinktank Boston, an event started by the City of Boston and Wentworth Institute of Technology brings together college students from 19 different colleges and universities for a one day event to brainstorm a challenge facing the city of Boston.


Software to Soft-Everywhere

November 18, 2013

Stuck in a long checkout line at the supermarket a few days ago, I spotted a glimpse of the future: a shopper wearing Google’s most recent take on personal tech, Google Glass. Indoctrinated by sleek photos and videos praising of the subtlety of the mini-computer embedded glasses, I was shocked to see how large and ostentatious Glass really is. As consumers start to see software as a more integral part of their lives, technology companies are exploring new design solutions to fit their needs.


Solving Problems With Design Thinking

September 21, 2013

The start-up, MeYou Health and Essential are featured in 1 of the 10 stories of what works in Solving Problems With Design Thinking


NYCxDesign/ ICFF: The Highlights

June 6, 2013

In contrast to last years show which was still heavily influenced by the DIY and reclaimed materials trends, I felt the standouts from this years show trended more towards a refined simplicity.


NYCxDesign/ ICFF: The Colors

June 6, 2013

Following the “It” convention of the NE IDSA conference we move to some of the trends from NYCxDesign week 2014. To echo our observations from last year the underlying trend was simplicity, the less is more mantra is still holding strong in 2014.


The Color of Design

May 3, 2013

Now that it’s finally spring here in Boston, with bright sunny days and tulips in every garden, it seems like a great time to talk about the IDSA Northeast conference that I recently attended.

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